Islamic education, guidance and providing of religious services to area Muslims is our primary concern. We are also involved in dialogues with various Christian and Jewish denominations to create better mutual understanding. Following are the major activities at The Center:

  • Prayers: Daily, Juma (Friday) and Ramadan Taraweeh in congregation.
  • Ramadan program includes community Iftars (fast breaking) and Eid prayers.
  • Weekly Halaqa: Study of Quran and Hadith (traditions of the Prophet) every Friday night.
  • Interfaith Forum: Representatives from various faiths and denominations participate in monthly meetings to discuss isssues of mutual interest. Most of these meetings are held at the Islamic center.
  • Speaker’s Forum: The Center provides speakers to local school, colleges and church groups. Members of other faiths invited to The Center for dialogues.
  • Muslim Christian Commision: To develop mutual understanding.
  • Women’s Forum: Involved in meeting the social and cultural needs of the community, particularly women and children. Leading fund raising activities to support the programs and projects of The Center.
  • Financial Support: For area poor and needy. Relief support for national and international disasters.
  • Quranic Reading: Class for children: Mondays – Fridays: Summer 4:00-6:00, Winter 7:30-9:00
  • Youth and Adult Education: (Open to members of all faiths): Introduction to Islam course Arabic level I & II course
  • Weekend Islamic School: Classes for all school age children. The instruction includes, Reading of Quran, Fundamentals of Islam, Muslim Ethics, Islamic History and the life of Prophets and his Companions (SAWS).
  • Monthly Seminars: Guest speakers invited to speak on various subjects on third Saturday evening of every month. A pot luck dinner precedes the program.
  • A Bimonthly Publication: Covering current activities and programs at The Center and topics on Islam.
  • Summer School: Six week program in July/August for children of all ages. Areas covered are Quran reading, Arabic language, Islamic studies and Sciences. Program is full of social activities including visits to area recreation spots. Refugees: Help and support for the refugees.
  • The Greater Rochester Council of Masajid: Meets monthly to discuss matters of mutual interest and coordinates group activities.

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  1. as salaam alaikum ladies

    The “High Tea for Blessed Women Of Islam” event on Saturday, May 17, 2014 was very wonderful! WIN organization did a beautiful job. Thank you for caring about the women of islam ICR.

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