Please donate to the Islamic Center of Rochester.

You may complete the ICR Debit Authorization Form and mail it in to the Islamic Center of Rochester or drop it in to the office.

You may also donate online using PayPal.

Thank you for your Donation!

May Allah (SWT) reward you. Jazak Allah Khair

{O ye who believe! Let not your riches or your children divert you from the remembrance of Allah. If any act thus, the loss is their own.

and spend something (in charity) out of the substance which We have bestowed on you, before Death should come to any of you and he should say,

“O my Lord! why didst Thou not give me respite for a little while? I should then have given (largely) in charity, and I should have been one of the doers of good”.

But to no soul will Allah grant respite when the time appointed (for it) has come; and Allah is well acquainted with (all) that ye do.} (Al-Munafiqun 63:9-11)

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