Facilities Use Guidelines

The Islamic Center facilities are open for use by all Muslims of the Greater Rochester area for legitimate religious and social activities. The mosque area (prayer hall) can only be used for Salat (individual and group prayers) reflection and contemplation, Education, study groups, meetings, lectures and group discussions. Islamic Center does not make any judgments on the religious significance of any social functions.

All functions are allowed as long as the activities are not in conflict with the fundamental practices and teachings of Islam. Singing, dancing and instrumental music is prohibited in the Islamic Center facilities and foods and drinks served must comply with Islamic dietary laws. With the permission of the president, only out of town Muslims in transit and with proper identification and upon signing a waiver of liability may stay at The Center for a maximum of three nights. Families are not allowed to stay at The Center.

All requests for the use of The Center stating the purpose of the function must be made and approvied by the Facilities Use Manager who will maintain a calendar of activities. Requests are accepted on a first come basis. Permission can be denied if the purpose of the meeting is in conflict with the stated policies of The Center or the user has a history of noncompliance with the established guideliens.

Such a decision can be appealed to the Islamic Center Executive Board, which has the final authority to approve all requests. The use of Islamic Center furniture and equipment outside The Center for private use is prohibited. Professional or education meetings requested by any area organizations and sponsored by an Islamic center member are welcome with prior approval obtained from the Board. Such requests can be denied without stating any cause or reason. Shoes must be taken off and stored in the shoe racks. Muslims as well as non Muslim guests coming to the mosque must dress modestly. Proper attire for all includes covering of bodies and legs. Women must cover their heads and full arms. Program schedule must be arranged to plan breaks at prayer times. Reservations for use of the facilities can be made with the Executive Director.

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