History and Organization

Islamic Center of Rochester was established in 1975. The Muslim population in the Greater Rochester area has grown from a few in the late 1960’s to many thousands today. The Islamic Center membership consists of Muslims born in the United States and those who have accepted Islam and the immigrants who come from most of the Muslim countries of the world. The present active membership of the Islamic Center exceeds 500 families. The new building of the Islamic Center of Rochester was completed in 1985. it is located on 4 acres of prime land within 10 minutes of downtown Rochester and the major area universities and colleges. It has over 8.000 square feet of floor space, which includes prayer and multipurpose halls, offices, library and kitchen. There is a picnic shed adjacent to a pond for summer recreation. The property is fully paid for. To meet the growing needs of the Muslim community, expansion of the Center is under active consideration. The Islamic Center has a full time Executive Director / Imam, elected Board of Directors and the Council of Trustees. The Council develops the policies and is responsible for long term planning while the Board implements the policies, manages the facilities, programs and day to day activities. The Executive Director provides religious guidance and leadership and is in charge of education programs at The Center.

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