The Islamic Center of Rochester is an independent organization. Its objective is to promote, propagate and facilitate practice of Islam in the United States. The emergence of an American Muslim identity is its prime goal. The Islamic Center is based on the following:

The only authentic sources of Islam are the Holy Quran and Sunnah (Practics) of the Prophet Mohammad, the final messenger (Peace be upon him).

Sect or school of thought are a matter of personal preference. They are a private matter and not an Islamic Center policy.

Islam is the universal message of Allah. Muslims are identified primarily as Muslims and not as ethnic group, race, color or tribe.

Ethnic activities, or overtones, are not allowed in The Center. Arabic is taught as the language of the Holy Quran. The language of communications and conducting the activities of The Center is English, the language of the land.

Men and women are equally responsible to put in the effort to formalize the policies, design and implement the plans for The Center.

Modesty, decency, and observing the prohibitions that Allah and His apostle has dictated, as well as the purity of the heart and the clarity of the conscience, and not the segregation are the guarantee of success. While advocating the codes and ethics of Islamic behavior, we believe that there is no compulsion in religion and the considerations of all human beings (males or females, nationalities or sects) is a matter of great personal respect and attention.

The affairs of Muslims should be handled through consultation (Shura) that results in, and guards discipline and organization. The Center has the role of reminding and not of compelling or dictating.

We do not judge or classify Muslims. We ask Allah for guidance and acceptance. Political discussions and awareness can be a part of the Islamic activities. However, they should be geared towards the interest of Islam and Muslims in USA.

Preoccupation with outside politics may lead to division among Muslim ranks in America.

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