Youth Happenings

The guys put on a basketball tournament last weekend.  It was held AFTER 20 Rakaats of Taraweeh.  $50 entry/team, and those proceeds will go to sponsoring an orphan.


Here are some highlights of the tournament:


- 8 teams total (raised $400 to go towards the orphan sponsorship)

- An estimated 30 or so spectators the first night

- An estimated 70 or so spectators the second night!!

- Games were played till about 3 am both nights and sahoor was provided for those who wanted it


The weekend was exhausting but completely worth it. I think all the guys are really happy with how everything turned out. I know I am particularly pleased with how the officials did hehe :). But in all seriousness this event was a huge success. It was encouraging to see that there were people interested in just spectating and hanging out. It shows that people are willing to spend their free time at the masjid.

Youth Happenings

Congrats to our young women, who put on a project at St. Mary’s Refugee Center.  Fantastic response and participation, and a great effort for a great cause.


  • We had 100 individuals total at this event, including 20 youth volunteers from the ICR (co-ed)
  • Activities included: outdoor games (water balloon toss, 3-legged race, etc.), arts and crafts, a clown/balloon artist, and face painting

Pictures from the event are here!


Khatm-al-Qur’an will be JULY 25 @ 10:00 PM, and not July 23, as originally planned/scheduled.  The ICR will conduct its annual fundraising that night, so please come prepared to donate generously.  ICR and its partners will provide refreshments after the prayer, with Haleem from Pakistan House, and sweets and other confections arranged by Sr. Fawzia.


Ramadan Prayer Timetable

The Ramadan prayer timetable is now available here:

Fajr prayers at ICR during Ramadan will be 20 minutes after the Adhan timing listed.


HIFZ program at the ICR

Westfall Academy has launched the HIFZ program.

Learn to memorize the Quar’an with Beautiful Qiraat.

Days: Monday, Wednesday, Thursday

3:00 pm – 5:00 pm (3:30 – snack and wudu)

Tuition – $200 per month (discounted tuition for Westfall students)

The program uses Al Nooraniah techqniue of memorization suitable for students.

Please view the flyer for more details.