Ramadan Gift Basket Project

Bismillah Ar- Rahman Ar- Raheem

Ramadan Mubarak

Dear Brothers and Sisters,  Assalam Alaikum

With the help and grace of Allah (SWT) and your generous support, the ICR – WIN Ramadan Gift Basket Project has been very successful (Ameen). We were able to meet our initial goal and provide gifts baskets of staple food items and meat certificates to 40 families in need last weekend. We have continued to get additional donations and are now working on additional 50baskets to deliver this weekend (Insha’allah).

On behalf of ICR-WIN Executive Committee, we would like to thank all the members of our community who made generous donations, to the Barakah Muslim Charity for their donations of food items and use of their facility, to all the individuals who helped us to execute the project and to the ICR Board for their support of this initiative.

May Allah (swt) allow us and all our loved ones to witness another Ramadan so we can earn its reward and blessings. May Allah (swt) reward us ALL for our intentions and efforts. Ameen!

Jazakullah Khairun

Salaams and Best Wishes to All

Srs. Annie, Beth, Minda, Roxana

Ramadan Project Thank You Note

Tareeq Al Huda Program – Registration

The Tareeq Al Huda Program is registering students for the new session starting September 2015. The limit on students is set to 100 or October 01, 2015 registration deadline, whichever comes first, so please don’t be late.

You can find registration forms and important information about the program below.

Any questions, please speak to sr. Fawzia or email [email protected] No registration will be final without the full payment!




New Muslim Volunteers

NMV Mission Statement


(New Muslim Volunteers)

Mission Statement

Who we are and what we do?

We are a committee of volunteers at the ICR tasked with assisting Muslims new to the faith with their transition into Islam. We recognize that their transition is of spiritual, social, and academic nature.  Support in all of these areas is necessary. Through a set of services, we help them gain a solid base in their new community, provide them with basic Islamic education and help them become self-sufficient in their struggle to perfect their deen (religion).

How do we do it?

We work in stages. We identify the new Muslim’s needs while simultaneously making them aware of available services. We provide specific services to the individual.  The new Muslim is paired with a mentor that guides them through initial steps.  The mentor communicates any concerns or needs of the new Muslim to the committee. Employment, finances and other needs are addressed by the appropriate committee(s) at the ICR.

Whom do we do it for?

We do this for the sake of Allah, and on behalf of the ICR community.  Our ultimate goal is for the new Muslim to be comfortable with the religion.  We want them to be confident in studying Islam independently, while still comfortable in approaching any and all with questions.

What value do we bring?

We intend to streamline the collective efforts and obligations of the ICR towards new Muslims. We want to make the transition as easy as possible.

When do we meet?

Meetings are held the last Saturday of the month after Dhuhr Salah (1:30pm) in the conference room of the Islamic Center of Rochester, 727 Westfall Road, Rochester, NY 14620.


Email: [email protected]  ICR Main Office: (585) 442-0117.