Ramadan Gift Basket Project

With the help and grace of Allah (SWT) and your generous support, the ICR – WIN Ramadan Gift Basket Project has been very successful (Ameen).

On behalf of ICR-WIN Executive Committee, we would like to thank you.

May Allah (swt) allow us and all our loved ones to witness another Ramadan so we can earn its reward and blessings. May Allah (swt) reward us ALL for our intentions and efforts. Ameen!

Jazakullah Khairun

Ramadan Project Thank You Note

Tareeq Al Huda Program – Registration

The Tareeq Al Huda Program is registering students for the new session starting September 2015. The limit on students is set to 100 or October 01, 2015 registration deadline, whichever comes first, so please don’t be late.

You can find registration forms and important information about the program below.

Any questions, please speak to sr. Fawzia or email [email protected] No registration will be final without the full payment!




Blessing of Ramadan – Gift Baskets

Ramadan is a blessed month of reflection, prayer and fasting for Muslims. During the month, observers gain a better understanding of and appreciation for the suffering of impoverished and hungry people around the world. Ramadan also serves to remind Muslims of the importance of charity, and their obligation to be charitable during the month and all throughout the year. By the will of Allah SWT and with your support, we can assist hungry families through the blessed month of Ramadan. Your donation will make their Iftaars a joyous time instead of a hardship.

Each food basket will contain staple food items and a meat certificate. You can choose to donate just the staple foods, just the meat, or an entire basket of food containing both.

Available Baskets

Staple Food Items $25.00

Meat Certificate $25.00

Full Food Basket $50.00

Get your pledge card from any WIN Group Member

For more information Contact:

Sr. Roxana Ahmed 585-746-6820 or Sr. Beth Al Fayad 585-217-3821

Annie El-Amin 585-414-1494

WIN Ramadan Project Donations accepted thru May 31st only

Ramadan Gift Basket Poster