Women’s Wellness Series – Sunday 2/1

*Women only*

This session is on Sunday, 2/1 from 10am-1pm.  The session will focus on weight management, nutrition and body image.

Guest speakers include medical professionals and dietitians who will answer your questions regarding healthy weight loss, the nutrition value of the foods we eat, and why a healthy weight is so important for our overall health.

Come enjoy a healthy brunch and sample delicious healthy smoothies prepared just for you! Please RSVP on the Facebook event page (https://www.facebook.com/ical/event.php?eid=741381889285280), or sign up at the ICR if you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you, inshaAllah.

Wellness Event 2.1-3

Dua for the Peshawar school kids

Peshawar school tragedy has touched the hearts of people all across the globe irrespective of religion,color or national boundaries. College campuses and metropolitan areas throughout United States have held vigils and moments of silence.

In this moment of sadness we would like to invite community members, friends, families, children and neighbors to join us for a candlelight vigil and Dua at 4:30 PM, Saturday, December 20th at Islamic Center of Rochester. All are welcome. Please bring a candle to light or join hands to ask for forgiveness and mercy. An opportunity to hug your children and appreciate Allah’s blessing that we all enjoy here.  There will be a moment of Silence followed by a short Dua. All we say is “please please spare the children”. Any one’s and every one’s irrespective to whom they belong.

Imam Ismet’s Schedule

***Note the weekday class will be subject to any emergencies the Imam may have as these are normal business hours.

Imam Ismet is at the Masjid 7 days a week for questions.

Wednesdays:***   12 pm to Dhur                                Aqeedah for Sisters

Fridays:                 6:30 pm to Maghrib                      Aqeedah for Sisters

Saturdays:           12 pm – Dhur                                  Quran for Sisters
Sunday:                 6:30 pm to Isha                             Aqeedah for Brothers
Everyday:              after Isha                                       Fiqh 

Please be sure to take advantage of these classes…spread the word and when you come…bring a friend or family member with you….Insha’Allah