Eid Prayer

Eid Prayer at RIT was a huge success…Alhamdulillah!!!

Eid- Mubarak -2016-786 (14)




Eid prayer on the Red Road in Kolkata, India


Insha’Allah Eid prayers will be held at RIT’s Gordon Field House July 6, 9:00 sharp.  Please see the attached maps for our assigned parking lots to use. There is a 5+ minute walk from the parking lots to the Gordon Field House. There is however a drop off area for our elderly and otherwise abled members exactly in front of the Field House.  If you intend to use it, please use extra caution as there will be many pedestrians in the area entering for salat.

Please arrive by 8:15 to avoid delays entering the facility and with parking.  Not only is there a walk to get to the facility from the parking lots, but there will also be security checking bags and the like.  This is not just for us.  RIT Security does this for all large events, including graduations and the like.

My apologies for the walk from the assigned parking lots. While we made arrangements with RIT prior to Ramadan for Eid Salat, these are the closest lots available for the public’s use.

Please contact me with any questions.

May Allah accept from all of us, Insha’Allah.


Sareer Fazili, on behalf of ICR’s Board of Directors.

Click Here for Map:

Gordon Field House Parking Map G and H Lot



Payment of Zakat ul Fitr is wajib on those who can afford to pay and is paid to those who are counted in the category of needy and poor.

Zakat ul Fitr should be paid in the month of Ramadan by the head of the family  on behalf of all dependent family members.  If there are 8 members in the family, then the prescribed per person dollar amount has to be paid for all 8 members (ex. if the amount to be paid per person is $10, then the family will need to pay $80).  The per person amount will be announced each year accordingly.

It is important that Zakat ul Fitr reach the poor and needy in our area before Eid.

Islamic Center distributes most of its collected Zakat ul Fitr to poor and needy in the Rochester area.  The objectives of why Zakat ul Fitr is distributed in the month of Ramadan is so that the poor and needy of the area can celebrate Eid along with others in peace and happiness.